Analysis Of Effluent Discharged From Chemical Industries Near Gwalior (M.P.)


The present study is carried out to determine the important organic, inorganic and metallic pollutants in Malanpur area, a major industrial Complex nearby Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Samples were collected to assess the important physico chemical parameters viz. color , odor, Temperature , Electric Conductivity, pH, DO, COD, Turbidity, Total Hardness, TDS, phosphate ,Mercury ,Arsenic, Chromium and Zinc by standard analytical procedures. The obtained results were compared with BIS and found that some of the parameters showing that the level of pollutants above the permissible limit. The observations of work forced the need to apply programmes for improvement in effluent treatment processes.


Prabha Chauhan , Digvijay singh chauhan, Dinesh S. Narwariya

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