Multicomponent Synthesis Of 4-H-Pyrimido [2, 1-b] Benzothiazole Derivatives Of Curcumin Using Hydrotalcite ( Pb-Al-CO3) As Catalyst


Synthesis  of  4H-pyrimido [2,1-b]benzothiazole  derivatives of  curcumin  by  using multicomponent  reaction  using  substituted aromatic aldehyde, 2-aminobenzothiazole  and  curcumin  has  been  carried  out  in  the  presence  of  Al-Pb-CO3hydrotalcite  as  a  heterogeneous  solid  catalyst  which  is recyclable  under  solvent  free  condition. The  hydrotalcite  need  short  reaction  time,  non-toxic ,  reusable  and  easy  to  workup. Thus   making  this  process  environmentally  friendly.  4H- pyrimido[2,1-b] benzothiazole  derivatives  of  curcumin  are  potential  molecules  having  good  antibactaroal, anti-inflammatory,  antimicrobial,  and  cancer  preventive  properties.

Keywords:  Multicomponent synthesis,  Al-Pb-CO3hydrotalcite ,  solvent  free  condition.

Rita Singh, D.D. Agarwal & M.C. Agarwal

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