Geometrical Isomerism Of Celestial Bodies


Einstein’s standard 1915 geometry-dynamics makes new predictions not only about the numbers but also about the nature of physics. He stated – the geometry of space is dynamics. The universe is closed. The universe starts its life unbelievably small, reaches a maximum dimension and recon tracts. Undergoes complete gravitational collapse. In many ways a
similar gravitational collapse over takes certain stars with big dense cores. This collapse terminates in same cases (“super nova events”) with the formation of a neutron star. In other cases, where the star core is more massive, the collapse goes to completion.
A black hole is formed. Given such a black hole, one has no way, even in principle, of measuring or even defining – one believes – how many baryons and leptons this objects contains. In this sense one thinks of the law of conservation of baryons (and leptons) as being transcended in the phenomenon of complete collapse.

Key Words: Collapse, Black hole, Special Theory of Relativity, Super Nova.

Dr. Shobha Lal

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