Nuclei Gravitational Contraction


Modern form of the problems of  gravitational collapse dates back to the  work of Chandrasekhar and Landau(in the 1930’s), who first showed that the normally accepted physical laws do not permit the existence of any cold static equilibrium states(whether in planetary, white dwarf or even neutron star form) for bodies more than one or two times as massive as the sun, since the formation of stars up to several tens of times more massive than this occurs frequently within our galaxy and since such massive stars burn up their nuclear energy reverses extremely rapidly by comparison with  cosmological times scale it is hard to avoid the conclusion that many stars within our own immediate neighborhood must already have reaches the stage of being faced with runway gravitational collapse. This poses on our hand the theoretical problems of understanding what goes on in such a collapse and on the other hand the observational problem of recognizing and detecting the collapse objects which presumably exist around about

Key Words: Astronomy, Space Energy, Gravitational Collapse, Astrophysics, Relativity.

Dr. Shobha Lal

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