Lype Orbit Near Ergo Sphere And Event Horizon


If the rotation of the central body become slower and slower, its specific angular momentum tends to become zero and in that case the Kerr metric in limit tends to become the Schwarzschild metric. In such a limiting case, the orbits corresponding to rms, rmb and  rph near the horizon have also been obtained .Expressions for energy, angular momentum and other physically interesting quantities are obtained for circular orbits in Equatorial plane of charge free black hole are obtained. As, rms, rmb and rph are calculated for the direct and retrograde motions. In  various orbits near the event horizon are considered, the components of velocity vector of the test particle and the tangent vector field to the photon trajectories are evaluated and the frequency shift of emitted radiation from various circular orbits are considered.

Keywords: – Energy, Rotational, Orbit of marginally stable, Photon ortbit.Radius of marginally stable orbit.

Dr. Shobha Lal

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