Multi Layer Data Security Through Data Obscuring


Data is the most significant entity and basic unit of communication in all form whether it is in electronic form, digital form, verbal form or written form.  In today’s world of advance communication, everybody prefers to save and retrieve data quickly from any geographic coordinates. To facilitate this, mobile cloud computing and smart phones play a significant role. They supply user to use the techniques for economical storage and retrieval of data using platform, software system and infrastructure being provided by third party. Hence in this work we will be working over three layers data security hence providing shelter to the data by obscuring the main content. This will be done by encrypting the data at sender, receiver and also at the cloud where image will be saved for transferring over the internet in encrypted form , hence providing security at multi layer. We shall be discussing about multi layer security mechanism for the image contents in mobile devices.

Keywords: – Multi layer data security, Data obscuring, mobile cloud computing.

Harleen Virdi, Manish Kumar Mukhija

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