Green Retrofitting Of Existing Building- A Case Study


The Building construction sector is becoming one of the highest contributors to the country’s carbon emissions. It alone accounts for 22 per cent of India’s total carbon emissions. It is expected that this impact to increase further with the efforts to combat housing shortage affecting more than 60 million households in the country, adding to the huge resource and energy footprints of the sector.

Since an opportunity to reduce primary energy use lies within the existing building stock, retrofitting of old buildings is one such solution to answer queries about energy efficiency. To improve energy efficiency, it is a proven high-volume, low-cost strategy that can help in tackling one of the major causes of climate change.

Transformation of existing Building refers to using a process that is environmentally responsible and resource efficient in operational lifecycle to building. Benefits of the retrofit technologies in existing buildings is provided by case study.

Keywords: – operational lifecycle, energy efficiency, green retrofitting, Green Building, Saving.

Dr. Rajeev Kansal, Dr. M. K. Trivedi, Neeraj Varma

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