Green Buildings: Present Innovation And Future Necessity


This paper represents the modern techniques which can be implemented for enhancing the efficiency with which building can be designed to meet the needs of occupants for thermal and visual comfort, beautiful and healthy work environment at reduced levels of energy waste and resources consumption. This paper aims, to study the energy efficient design techniques and provisions of making building energy efficient; provide an overview of existing energy efficient building with different provisions and technique and popularize green building construction techniques and to discourage the production of fossil fuel based energy production. 

This paper provides an overview of various energy efficient techniques and low energy materials used for energy efficiency in building, so that slight modification and changes in an existing building can lead to energy saving with payback period of about 2-5 years. It includes study of various energy efficient techniques used in green buildings and listed major energy saving approaches that can be used in designing a building to meet certain objectives such as occupant health, use of renewable energy, water and other resources more efficiently and reducing the overall impact on environment with cost savings. Existing green building examples with their salient features are reviewed for easy understanding of modification that can be done as per green building concept. Green retrofitting can increase credits of chosen building for its various green features which is supported by various government and private agencies financially to inspire construction in direction of green buildings.

Keywords: cavity walls, energy efficiency, fenestration, green building, urban heat island.

Brijesh Shivhare, Dinesh Kumar Swarnkar, V.K. Shivhare

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