Accelerated cleavage of C-N and P-N bonds in tri 2-chloro-5-nitro aniline phosphate ester in acidic medium


                        Acid hydrolysis of Tri-2-chloro-5-nitro aniline phosphate has been carried out in the acid region 0.1 to 7.0 mol dm-3 HCl at 98oC in 20% aqueous dioxane (v/v) medium. Ionic strength data exhibits different contribution of conjugate acid species and presence of acid catalysis. Theoretical rates, estimated from second empirical term of Debye-Huckel closely agree with those experimentally observed. Bimolecular behaviour of the hydrolytic reaction has been decided by the use of different concepts and hypothesis e.g., Hammett acidity function, Zucker-Hammett equation, Bunnett parameters, Bunnett-Olsen parameter, Arrhenius parameters, Cocentration and Solvent effect. The most probable mechanism for the hydrolytic reaction has been given by using Isokinetic relationship. The Triester involves P-N bond fission which is strengthened by comparative kinetic data.

Dr. M.K. Singh & Dr. K.K.Upadhyay

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